Network Design, Implementation and Support

With Cisco, Microsoft, and Linux expertise, and an unusually thorough understanding of networking technology, our network engineering services are among the best in the business. As your network grows, you need help designing for the future while keeping your equipment budget in check. We’re here to help you succeed in business through the appropriate use of technology, not to feed you to the behoemeth hardware and software manufacturers. Let us take a look; we can probably help.

Network Monitoring

The Acadia Network Telemetry Service consists of five components which complement one another to create a valuable and potentially career-saving suite of tools that no business-critical network should be without:

  • Network Availability Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Reporting and Graphing
  • Netflow® Packet Detail
  • Configuration State Backup Automation
  • Off-premises Syslog Capture

Network Availability Monitoring continuously monitors the key elements of your network, logging failures and alerting as necessary. Notifications can be received via e-mail and/or text messaging. A wide array of network tests is available, far beyond the simple “ping” tests of some services.

Bandwidth Reporting and Graphing is crucial for knowing which WAN and LAN circuits are overloaded, and predicting which ones will need to be upgraded in the future. Every circuit in your network will benefit from historical graphs and tables, showing both inbound and outbound traffic levels for recent minutes, days, and months to help you plan your network growth.

NetFlow® Packet Detail uses the NetFlow® feature available on Cisco routers to provide highly detailed information about how your bandwidth is being used. A summary of each traffic “flow” through the router is sent to our server every few minutes, showing the source and destination addresses and ports, as well as the protocol used and the bytes transferred. Almost like having a packet sniffer in each of your routers 24 hours per day, the NetFlow® service is indispensable when you need to track down “problem” customers and rogue servers.

Configuration State Backup Automation captures the all important text-based configuration scripts as well as other helpful information from each of your Cisco routers, and even certain data from your Unix/Linux servers. Your hardware warranties only cover hardware replacements costs, but it is the end user’s responsibility to provide backups of the configurations to reinstall on the replacement hardware. Without backups, you will have to reverse-engineer your network and redesign a configuration that may have taken months of fine-tuning to achieve.

Off-premises Syslog Capture service provides a central location for the logs generated by all of your Cisco devices as well as many other network components. Our off-premises logging server captures and stores the logs generated by a router or switch, where they can be viewed even after the device reboots, crashes, or gets erased by a hacker. Off-premises Syslog Capture proves very helpful when troubleshooting a device suffering from spontaneous crashes, reboots, or lock-ups.